December 28, 2015 Update: According to the Long Island Free Press, Toni Vail has been located.

August 31, 2015 8am Update: According to the Johnson City Police Department, Jordan Bachelor has been located. Toni Vail is still missing.

Johnson City Police detectives are asking for help locating two young girls who ran away while at the Oakdale Mall on Wednesday, August 26th.

Toni Vail and Jordan Bachelor are both 14-years-old and live on Chenango Street in Hillcrest. Police say that a third girl who ran off with the two missing girls has been found.

Both missing girls are white and each stand roughly 5 feet, five inches and weigh about 146 pounds each. Vail has brown hair and eyes and Bachelor has blonde hair and brown eyes. Investigators were not able to provide clothing descriptions for the girls.

Bachelor has medical issues and needs medication regularly and may be experiencing medical problems.

If you have any information, please reach out to the Johnson City Police Department at 607-729-9321.

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