Since everyone else is blogging about the subject of the week, M-O-M, I thought I’d throw in some of my favorite TV Moms, see if you remember any of these.

If you look at the history of television the characters that stand out as the most enduring are the television Moms and the actors who play them.

Even Lucille Ball had her moments when she played one of the first TV moms who was expecting and became a mother in front of a nation of TV viewers on the popular sitcom I Love Lucy.

Since then a lot has changed but the TV mom is still an interesting charter, sometimes kind and gentle, and other times sarcastic and cold. But they make us laugh either way.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, so this week my Throwback Thursday looks back at some of my favorite TV moms.

When I think of the all the television moms I grew up with several come to mind, from June Cleaver to Marge Simpson.

The list seems to grow each year as new Matriarchs are introduced to the next generation.

Here are just a few of my favorite Classic TV Mothers.

Marion Cunningham

Carol Brady

June Cleaver

Marie Barone

Kitty Foreman

Marge Simpson

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