As the daughter of an engineer and draftsman, I have come to love architecture. Lazy Sunday afternoon drives as a kid with my dad pointing out unique designs on buildings and homes have really taught me to appreciate buildings with uniqueness. Buildings like New York's triangle house.

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Ben Perrone is an artist who has shown his paintings and sculptures in art museums and who has spent the last three years building a very unique "triangle house."

The futuristic triangle house can be found on the corner of School Street and Plymouth Avenue on Buffalo's West Side and if you'd like to live in a literal work of art, the triangle house could be yours for $760,000.

For sale by the owner (Perrone), the triangle house boasts 2,000 square feet but only one bedroom. However, guests will love the bathroom options as there are three of them inside the house per the property listing on Zillow.

Although lacking in bedrooms, the triangle house includes a vacuum elevator to transport a person between floors, functional solar panels and heat pumps, and beautiful views of the small park at the front of the structure.

Located in the heart of Buffalo, Perrone told WIVB that he wants to sell the triangle house because, at the age of 89, the time has come for him to downsize.

If you like what you see, it could all be yours - literally - as Perrone is also selling all of the furniture in the triangle house so you won't have to custom make your own triangle-shaped table to fit in your triangle-shaped house.

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