On the night of January 3rd 2018, Dan Wright lost everything but the clothes on his back. His home caught on fire and was totally engulfed in flames, but he did manage to save his dog, Jax. Unfortunately, Dan had no homeowners insurance and is left with a pile of ashes as a reminder.

There will be a benefit for Dan this Saturday, February 17th at the Kalurah, 625 Dickson Street in Endicott from 3 - 8 pm. It's to help Dan buy a used double-wide home to put on his existing foundation.

Can't make it to the event but want to help Dan start over again? Great news, you can go here to help now. Here's your chance to help out a former Maine Endwell football coach and a member of the Masons.

He's the kind of guy that wouldn't ask for assistance but would give to others in need. It'll be afternoon of fun at the Kalurah on Saturday to help Dan rebuild during this difficult time.


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