When I go to a Japanese restaurant to eat, I like to wash it down with sake. I like how it seems to take the taste of whatever I ate last. That's why I try to eat seafood before I take a sip. Yum, Yum.

If you gave me 98.1 choices of what to eat before sake, I would never, ever say tofu. But maybe, I'll have to change my mind after hearing about this. Scientists in Singapore have invented a drink made from tofu whey and they claim it tastes like Sake.

My guess is that they say it tastes like Sake because if they said it tastes like Tofu, we would do to it what we do with fruitcake during Christmas. They are calling it "Sachi" and it has all the benefits of tofu. Is that supposed to be a selling point?

Here's an added bonus for the millennials, they claim that it's also good for the environment. WHAT!! Apparently during the production of tofu, the whey gets thrown away and ends up in the wastewater. So instead of throwing it away, drink it instead...What a great idea.

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[via Business Insider/Binghamton On Tap]