The Binghamton On Tap Craft Beer Festival continues to grow and this year, we are taking it to a bigger location. The Visions Veterans Memorial Arena will be overflowing with fun on March 25th.

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As we prepare for a night of fun and frivolity while enjoying our favorite craft beers and hard cider, we give you five myths and one absolute truth about beer. First the myths:

5 Myths About Beer

Beer always tastes better in a bottle than it does in a can. Beer actually stays fresher in cans, because they protect it from light and oxygen better than the bottles do.

Lagers and pilsners are the same things. A pilsner is a type of lager. It's a light beer, but lagers can also be dark, malty and really strong. It's kind of like all Jacuzzi's are Hot Tubs but not all Hot Tubs are Jacuzzi's.

Dark beers are stronger. Truth is they "CAN" be stronger but not always and the color doesn't have much to do with it. The grains they use to make dark beer are just roasted longer.

If you let the beer get hot then cold again, it'll get skunked. Beer can taste a little bit stale if you do that, but "skunking" is what happens when a beer is exposed to light for too long.

Beer is best if it's ice cold. The perfect temperature is somewhere between 40 and 44 degrees. Any colder and you can't really taste it. Some heavier beers are better at around 55 degrees.

The Truth About Beer

Even if it's cold outside, it'll be one hot time inside at the Binghamton On Tap Craft Beer Festival. We don't need any fact checkers about this, just take our word for it. March 25th will be one hot time at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena.

Binghamton On Tap will have a VIP Tasting Session beginning at 5 p.m. and a General Tasting Session beginning at 6 p.m. Prices will go up as we get closer to this fantastic event, so get your tickets now and save some moola.

The good times will be brewing at the arena and you and your friends won't want to miss it. This is your chance to enjoy some of the best craft beers and hard ciders around.

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