We’ve all been there. Family is gathered around, the happiness is abundant, and it is time to open gifts. You are pretty sure you know what is in the box you are about to tear through. You give the box a little shake and the excitement is about to rush out of you.

You tear off the paper, you open the box, and there it is. The (insert whatever gift) in the wrong color or brand. You are devastated. The only problem is the gift was given to you by (insert your favorite relative).

Now the debate begins: do you return the gift or keep the gift?

The most returned gift after the holidays is clothing. It’s reported that 62% of all clothing purchased will be returned to the store. The biggest reason is that husbands guessed a size and it was wrong.

Surprisingly, only 40% of people keep the gifts given to them after the holidays, even they plan on letting them sit in the closet or don’t fit. The biggest reason given is that they contain sentimental value. The person giving the gift took time out of their day to find the gift and give it to you.

The easiest way to avoid the awkward “wrong gift moment” is to purchase gift cards or give cash. Plus you can wait until the last minute for these gifts as well!


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