Cortland County Sheriff’s officials say they’ve been getting several complaints about people calling residents, posing as police and threatening the victims with arrest. 

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Authorities say the scammers are demanding money to be placed on gift cards for the would-be victim to avoid going to jail. 

Kathy Whyte. WNBF News
Kathy Whyte. WNBF News

Sheriff’s officials say typically the scam begins with the male or female caller identifying themselves as a government law enforcement official with a fake name and/or case identification number.  The victim is then asked to put money on some sort of gift card.  If they are successful getting that far, the crooks will then request cash be sent to a desired location. 

Law Enforcement Agencies will not contact the public or have them pay cash directly or purchase gift cards to resolve any case.   

Anyone getting calls from a supposed police agency should hang up and contact their real law enforcement officers. 

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