So, your phone is filthy. Really filthy. It's the filthiest thing you have and you handle it all day. You put it on your face -- you need to clean that thing. Here's some pro tips on how.

1. Turn it off. You could call someone or accidentally put your phone in Portuguese. You'll never recover from a Portuguese phone.

2. Use a 50/50 mix water and vinegar, water and rubbing alcohol, or buy the actual stuff that you're supposed to clean cellphones with. Just don't use Windex. Why? Because it has ammonia. Smartphones have an oleophobic coating to stop finger smudges. Windex or any other clean will strip that stuff right off there.

3. Don't spray your cleaner directly on the screen. Spray the cloth and wipe it down. If you hose your phone down with the spray bottle the solution goes into speaker holes and charging holes. Liquid + Cellphone guts = BAD

4. Don't use paper towels or a linty cloth. Tissues or toilet paper aren't soft enough, they can scratch your screen. Buy a microfiber cloth.

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