Today is National Let's Laugh Day and even though things are looking a little better, we can use some humor in our lives. Tomorrow the vernal equinox arrives at 5:37 a.m., and Spring will be here. So let's combine the two and have a chuckle.

When we think Spring, we think of spring cleaning and with temperatures in the mid to upper 50's this weekend, it could be a good time to clean your home. So what's the best way to inspire someone to spring clean?

If you want to inspire me, then it should be fun. Here are some fun ways to spring clean this weekend that I call "Glenn's Guide to Spring Cleaning."

Spring Cleaning Tips

Wash the walls from the bottom up to avoid streaking. If you really want to make it fun, fill up your super soakers with Windex and give it to the kids. It'll be a family-bonding experience that the kids will actually enjoy.

Wash your knickknacks instead of dusting them. If you put the knickknacks in a load of laundry with nothing else then you'll be able to get new knickknacks for your home.

Open a box of baking soda to absorb orders in your refrigerator. Are you tired of your kids opening the frig every time they go into the kitchen? Put some dirty socks in there, this will stop them from opening the refrigerator and you'll save energy.

Added bonus is that it helps keep the food that you want to eat in the refrigerator. Well, I hope "Glenn's Guide to Spring Cleaning" helped but if you're looking for helpful spring cleaning tips, go here.

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