The weather is getting better and people that are stuck at home are bored. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is even more spring cleaning this year. It's amazing what we've been discovering in our closets and basements.

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Here's one thing to keep in mind while you are doing some extra spring cleaning around the house...Be careful what you throw away. Our friends at Waste Management say that they have seen an increase in garbage truck fires.

They think it's because more people are throwing out hazardous materials like batteries, paint thinner, or pool chemicals. When these kinds of items are put into the back of a garbage truck, they could explode when they are smashed together in the back.

If you take these combustible items along with your neighbor's flammable material then add hydraulic fluids from the truck, it makes for a bad combination. If you're not sure if your items could be combustible, catch on fire or blow up, it's suggested that you ask your driver.

Here's one thing to think about: If it can do that to the garbage truck, just think what it could do to your garage or house. Maybe take a second walk around and dispose of these materials in a safe place and get it out of your residence.

I haven't heard of any garbage truck fires in the Southern Tier and I would like to keep it that way, If you're wondering how/when to get rid of waste materials in Broome County during COVID-19, go here.

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