There was a time when people looked down on those who used dating websites and apps, and it's because the world was ignorant of them. People had a hard time understanding what was wrong with meeting people face to face- the old fashioned way.

Those days are over and it's become completely accepted by the world that for some people, the best way to find love is to use a dating service.

There are match sites for farmers, for Christians, even for lazy people. But I think the dating service on the lips of people the most these days is Tinder. You know- swipe right, or swipe left.

But, did you know that Tinder has an exclusive and secret (well, maybe not anymore) service? According to Cosmo, Tinder Select can only be used by invite and it's only for the rich and the famous.

Tinder Select is used by celebs, CEOs, and high profile supermodels. Those who use Tinder Select don't use it exclusively. They're able to go back and forth, so if you're on Tinder- you never know- someone famous might just swipe right on you one of these days!

[via Cosmo]

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