What a bittersweet ending for two wonderful people. I never had the pleasure of knowing Jerry and Edith Dunn of The Spanish Fork, Utah, but I'm betting they there were a pretty spectacular couple who knew a thing or two about love.

The love of Jerry and Edith plays out like a Hollywood romance movie.  The two met in high school where they fell in love and knew that they belonged together for the rest of forever, so they married and spent the next 63 years as sweethearts.

Dementia and diabetes began to take hold of Edith and Jerry would get up early every morning to care for her and would take her to dialysis three times a week. Jerry promised his love that no matter how old he got, he would always take care of her and that he wouldn't put her into a home.

In late September, Jerry suffered a pretty bad fall and according to his son, it took a big toll on his dad.  Jerry asked his son if it was okay to "throw in the sponge." His son assured him that it was and on Thursday October 3rd, Jerry took his last breath.

It's almost as though Jerry was leading the way for Edith- like he wanted to be waiting for her on the other side to guide her through because although suffering from severe dementia, when her kids told her about her husband's passing, Edith's eyes flew open and she became "visibly uncomfortable and agitated." Edith passed away just nine hours after Jerry.

A love that couldn't be separated as Jerry and Edith were laid to rest next to each other.