The show ran for five seasons from 2008 to 2013 and featured unexplained events, alternate worlds and a mentally disturbed scientific genius named Walter Bishop.

This was the show that sold me on the works of director JJ Abrams, although he was already producing other TV series like Lost, Alias and Felicity.

What I really liked about this show was the constant introduction of new twists in the story line, which included the introduction of an alternate world in which Kennedy didn’t get assassinated, and the statue of liberty was a different color.

The alternate world introduced us to Walter Net which was the term the real world gave alternate Walter Bishop who was sane in the other world.

My favorite character was Walter Bishop who was freed from an asylum to assist the Fringe Organization and help explain the constant phenomena that occurred on a regular basis throughout the series.

The romance that built between Walter’s son Peter who became an agent with the  Fringe bureau, and Agent Olivia Dunham.

The show ended rather abruptly in 2013 and I won’t spoil it.  If you’re looking for something to Binge, this series is worth watching.

My throwback Thursday moment this week the Supernatural Series Fringe.

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