I can still hear my mother's voice in my head. When I was a little girl, I asked my mom why I couldn't sleep without clothes on and she told me that I'd regret not wearing pajamas if there were a fire or an emergency and I had to run out of the house in my birthday suit. I was also scared that the Rapture would happen and I'd be floating up to heaven and doing so naked.

What my mom told me about wearing clothes when I went to bed makes some sense. But then again, what about if there were an emergency when I was in the shower? I definitely don't wear a bathing suit while showering, do you?

If you don't care about who does or doesn't see you in all of your naked glory and you've been considering ditching your PJs, here are three reasons experts give for why we really should sleep in the nude.

  • 1

    You’ll Get a Better Sleep

    Do you like to sleep with the window open in the winter? Do you always need to have the air conditioning or a fan blowing right on you? Well, study after study has found that when we sleep in a cooler environment, we get better sleep. If you're too bundled up or if you're wearing too many clothes your body temperature won't drop and this means you won't sleep as soundly.

  • 2

    It Benefits Your Skin and Hair

    Did you know that both melatonin and the human growth hormone are released when you sleep? It's true, but here's the thing- they're only released when you body temperature drops so if you're too warm when sleeping, you're actually prematurely aging your skin. Yikes!

  • 3

    You'll Lose Weight

    Yes! When you rest is when your muscles grow and heal after your workouts because of the human growth hormone being released while you sleep. And I'm telling you, it all goes back to being too warm. If you're all bundled up like you're heading out into the Arctic when you go to bed, the human growth hormones don't release.