You don't have to be single to be approached by an obnoxious pick-up artist. Some people just have no shame and don't know when to stop coming at you with ridiculous lines, no matter the lack of interest you show.

So, the next time someone gets up in your space and feeds you pick up lines that you have no interest in hearing, here are three responses you can toss back at them that should catch them off guard and stop them from pestering you.

"Only if my eight cats can come with me. And FYI, none of them are litter-trained …" Unless he's a cat lover (let's hope he's not if you're saying this line), most guys aren't exactly into 'crazy' cat ladies.

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite line. Be sure to use this on the person who's completely sloshed and watch their facial expression!  "We should totally go out because my plan is to get married and have two kids by next year!"

"Every boyfriend I've ever had mysteriously died, but I guess I could try again." Just make sure when you say this to not let even the smallest smile form at the corners of your lips. Keep your eyes locked and try to project a bit of an evil look.

[via Cosmopolitan]