It is hard to argue that Thomas Rhett and Ed Sheeran aren't at the top of their games. Thomas just came off his first headlining tour and is going out on the road with Kenny Chesney this summer, and Ed is selling out stadiums night after night.

Thomas is releasing number one hit after number on hit, and Ed can't miss on any song he releases.

Thomas is having the biggest year of his career. He had a hit album in Life Changes and every single he releases skyrockets up the charts. He also became a dad twice in a matter of months, and is still at the top of his game.

Thomas Rhett comes from a family of songwriter's and artists. His dad scored multiple hits in the early 90's including one of my favorite songs "That Ain't My Truck." So when Thomas decides to cover a song from a different genre, its a huge deal.

Ed Sheeran is immensely talented and every song he writes has meaning and a great tune. That's why when I FINALLY heard this recording of Thomas Rhett covering one of Ed Sheeran's songs I was instantly hooked. I am actually upset I didn't find it sooner!


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