Spring is here and although it’s not a typical Disney Morning with birds chirping and squirrels ironing your pants, it’s a sign that warmer weather is coming soon.

It’s the Vernal Equinox so what does that mean? I am told it means night and day are equal in some Latin phrase.

This past weekend gave us a few days above freezing with perfect conditions for a slow thaw which receded some of the huge piles of snow on the streets.

We are also seeing more daylight and our light hours will continue until the longest day of the year in June.

According to Fact Retriever many other countries will celebrate the coming of Spring with their own traditions,

  • in Mexico, they celebrate the Sun Serpents return.
  • Spring Time is also considered the Persian New Year,
  • Japan welcomes the season with the opening of the Cherry Blossom.
  • The Great Sphinx in Egypt is pointing towards the sun during the Spring Equinox.

I have not had an issue with Spring Fever so far, however my wife and I bought a swimming pool last year, so we are excited about opening that up in a few months.

The piles of snow that line our streets, office buildings, driveways, and homes will completely disappear in a few weeks, so its time to think Spring.

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