The big news this week has revolved around ‘Snow’ We have all shoveled, many have been snowed in and most of us have sore muscles, it’s time to move one people.

Spring will be here next week and the warmer weather to follow, so have you made plans for your summer? I have already planned a family reunion, a trip to Texas to see my son, and we’re working on a July 4th party.

When I think about those activities and what summer will bring, the piles of that stuff (we’re not mentioning) seems to become insignificant.

Spring always takes on a new life and puts many of us in a state of euphoria with thoughts of the months ahead.

We live in a great country and we have privileges that many countries will never have.

New York State has several parks and attractions for us to attend throughout the summer, we have county parks right here that are free to enjoy.

Look at all the waterways from the Saint Lawrence in the Thousand Islands, the Hudson, the Finger Lakes and beyond.

The white stuff around us will be gone in a few weeks, so I encourage to put some thoughts into the months ahead and think warm thoughts today.

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