Warmer weather has many of us making plans so today I thought I’d blog about one of the summer fun experiences I had at Knoebels Amusement Park.

I love going to amusement parks and a few years ago I went to Knoebels Amusement park about 2 and a half hours from Binghamton in Elysburg, Pennsylvania.

One of the unique things about Knoebels is they don’t charge admission to get into the park, and they don’t charge for parking.

Obviously, they do charge for rides and other attractions but if you’re taking the kids and you don’t feel like participating in the rides you won’t get charged a fee for just being in the park.

We stayed in one of the cabins, but they have cottages and camping too, so I would suggest if you’re going to make it a memorable trip and enjoy the park you might consider staying for a few days.

Knoebels is known for their rolling coasters and thrill rides and they also have rides for kids, games, entertainment and swimming.

We stayed for about five days and the kids loved it.

I rode a bunch of rollercoasters and had the best time.

There are many places in our region that offer fun like this, but if you have never been to Knoebles Amusement Park, you should check it out this summer.

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