If you've got kids, especially small ones, then you know what a nightmare it can be to get them to eat. Anything. But, when you find something relatively healthy that they'll suck down, you buy it in bulk, right? That's what my husband and I did when we discovered that our toddler loves GoGo squeeZ applesauce.

I don't know about you, but I'm always checking for recalls because the last thing I want is for my son to eat something that might make him sick, so I was devastated when I read on social media that there is a recall on GoGo applesauce. But here's the thing, there isn't.

There is absolutely no new recall for GoGo applesauce in 2017. You read that right. No recall. Yes, there was a recall in 2016, but the issue has since been fixed. In a statement on their website, GoGo squeeZ writes,

We are not currently recalling any products. We are aware of old information circulating about the recall we announced over one year ago in March of 2016, and we want to confirm that there is NO NEW RECALL. The issue from last year has long since been corrected, and we have been back in full production for months. We are confident in the quality of the products we are sending to your stores."

Yay! Oh, and here's another completely false recall that might have had you panicking a bit- the baby wipes recall that I'm sure you've seen all over social media. Nope, not true. As a matter of fact, neither the Food and Drug Administration nor the Consumer Product Safety Commission has any records of there being any baby wipes recalled in 2017. And if anyone would know, it would be them.

Oh, but wait, here's one more- there is absolutely no legitimate research to back the claim that if your kids watch Peppa the Pig their risk of autism jumps by 56%. Now hold up, you read the article and it has to be true because it was published by the University of Harvard, right?  Nope. Read it again closely. There isn't a University of Harvard. There's a Harvard University, but this isn't even a case of someone getting the names jumbled. IF this were a study conducted by Harvard, there would be mention of it someplace on their website. There's not. Also, the articles circulating indicates that the lead study researcher is someone by the name of Marc Wildemberg. Those who know people who know people checked and Harvard doesn't employ anyone by that name.

So, go ahead and change your little one's diaper, give them some applesauce and snuggle up with them on the couch for an episode of Peppa the Pig. You're not going to be causing them any harm.

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