Since the start of the pandemic, birthdays have looked completely different than they used to. People could not gather in large crowds, inside gatherings were very limited, Zoom was a great option because people could gather safely, and birthday parades were happening everywhere. Lots of people were trying to be as safe as possible while celebrating a loved ones birthday and some even going to extremes. One birthday tradition, blowing out the candles on a birthday cakes seemed disgusting especially if the person blowing out the candles and the people eating the cake did not live in the same household. Delish reports that a Tik Toker posted a video on how to safely blow out birthday candles on a birthday cake and people are loving this idea.

I have to say, I think this hack is pretty genius. I do think you have to be VERY careful when it comes to candles and boxes and wax. This could easily create a fire. As long as it's done safely, this is an awesome way to not have someone's spit all over a birthday cake. It just cracks me up, because for the longest time, we've all eaten cake with spit on it, right? Whether it was a friend, family member or even a colleague blowing out candles on their birthday cake, we've gotten a little bit of spit with our cake. We all were fine with it until the pandemic started. Now, we're all so nervous about everything. I get it though, I get a little nervous about things and sometimes my husband tells me to chill out. This past weekend, we had Matt's coworker, his wife and her two daughters over for dinner and I had some leftover ice cream cake in the freezer from my son Nathan's Birthday. I cut a piece off, put a candle in it and she blew out the candle on her own piece of cake. So she blew out a candle on her own piece of cake. Problem solved. That could also be a solution to this issue. Either way, I say, whatever makes people comfortable. Everyone's comfort levels are different these days.

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