President-elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated on Friday. The Inauguration celebration is set for Thursday. Many Democrats aren't going. Performers have backed out because of pressure. There seems to be controversy everywhere. It's kind of crazy of you ask me.

My kids have been engaged with the whole process. My son Devon watched all the debates and Trump's first press conference as President-elect. My youngest daughter Tara has been asking many questions as well.

She even asked me about an issue that I never expected. Tara had heard about the subject of abortion. I tried to explain it as carefully and gently as I could.

Tara decided that she thought she might like to run for President and she wanted to write down what she would do if she were President. She asked me if lowering taxes was good. I said, "Yes."

That was the only thing she asked me about. She did the rest on her own. She finished the paper and left it on the table.  It wasn't until later that I saw what she wrote.

She wrote: "What I would do if I was President.  lower texes, make sher when your prenet you must give birth."  Translation: Lower taxes, make sure when you're pregnant you must give birth.

I didn't try to tell her that abortion was good or bad. I let her make up her own mind. This isn't about whether you agree or disagree but it makes me feel better about the future when a young girl has opinions and cares in such a way.

My daughter did something that made me realize that we are in good hands, no matter who is in charge.

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