A new study just dropped that's a road map for how to be the best when dating online. How to get more dates by posting pictures that get the most response. The tips for men and women are totally different! and my pic above is apparently ALL WRONG. Ah well.

The ideal photo if you're a dude is one where you're looking straight at the camera, and smiling without showing your teeth. Women should do the exact opposite. Ladies look away from the camera and show your pearly whites.

Guys are twice as likely to have their photo 'liked' if they're looking straight ahead, 43% more likely if they're smiling without showing teeth, and 11% more likely if they're the only person in the photo.

Women are 74% more likely to get noticed if they're looking off to the side, 76% more likely if they smile with teeth, 27% more likely to get noticed if they wear their hair up in the photo, and 69% more likely if they're the only one in the photo.

A few things that work on men and women are artsy black-and-white photos, pictures where you're playing a sport, and candid shots where you don't look like you're posing.

A few things that don't do well with men or women are pictures in sunglasses, pictures with crazy filters, photos at the beach, photos with someone who might be an ex, and selfies in general. But especially bathroom selfies where you take a shot of yourself looking in the mirror.


(Via: Medium)

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