Shocking news! Guy are more likely than women to finish their shopping on Christmas Eve. The numbers do not lie. An astounding 47 percent of men will finish their shopping the day before Christmas compared to 33 percent of women.


Finding the last-minute gift is an art form. You used to have to jump store to store, mall to mall to find something at the last minute. There was a search through the racks, cutting people off in the parking lot, maybe a little pushing and shoving. It was chaotic.


But the internet has changed all that.


Places like Amazon make last minute shopping that much easier. You can easily log into your account and send e-gift cards. You don’t even have to physically pick up the gift card and have the cashier ring you out. You also can grab e-cards with the e-gift cards. Its all completely paperless.


We here at 98.1 The Hawk also make your last-minute gift shopping pretty darn easy. “Seize the Deal” is one of the easiest ways to grab a last-minute gift. Food gift cards, car detailing, even grills can all be found here.


Happy last-minute gift shopping!

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