My mother still reminds me of when I threw a protest of when my family decided to switch to the fake tree side of this great debate. I refused to decorate the tree; I became the Grinch.

It wasn’t that I would miss the experience of finding the perfect tree. I wouldn’t miss the free hot cocoa and apple cider. I wouldn’t even miss the smell of the fresh tree. I was just a Christmas purist. I was a Christmas traditionalist.

Then we switched to fake, and I wasn’t that upset. Why? Because the fake tree looked perfect. It was huge and perfectly rounded. It looked like a Christmas tree out a movie or magazine. It was the perfect tree. We also lit a candle to replicate the smell so its felt authentic.

We didn’t need to clean up the needles or worry about the dog drinking the tree water (which is not good for your pup). We didn’t have to wait out in the cold and we didn’t need to worry about the tree dying. I was officially converted. I don’t think I sold out, however.

According to a survey done by Nielsen 81% of homes with Christmas trees will actually have fake trees. This is because of the shortage or real trees and the fact they can cost 10% more than last year.

This year the debate has been settled on fake trees. For you purists there is always next year.



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