Our thoughts on Valentine's Day can range from hating it to loving it. Another February 14th has come and gone. Mine was pretty productive! I purchased some New York state brewed craft beer from a local shop and settled in to watch a whole bunch of Netflix horror films. I also made myself a nice dinner of Chicken Tikka Masala.

I did not have a Valentine this year, so the next best thing was to hand out flowers to random people on the streets of Downtown Binghamton. I can truthfully say it was a fulfilling and awesome thing we did.

We have all come across Valentine's Day rants whether they be on social media, at an actual dinner, or on late night television. The best rant may come from this little girl and her viral video. She completely dismantles the entire holiday: from a man in a diaper to how Netflix is her only commitment, This is adorable and incredibly smart. Kids DO say the funniest things!

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