Enjoying your time at home this week?

I’m personally still trying to wrap my head around everything that’s going on, and learn about all the special procedures and rules in place in the area. For the last week, I’ve been enjoying a nice vacation with my now fiancé in Canada. While I’m still trying to get readjusted, surprisingly I’m not completely clueless.

I spent my vacation about an hour outside of the Toronto area, which has lately been getting an uptick in COVID-19 cases. Much of what’s going on here is going on up there; restaurants are only doing takeout, people are being advised to stay indoors and not travel, businesses are being shut down…

You know, Corona stuff.

What was interesting compared to what I was seeing here though, is that people seemed calmer.

The people I talked to, yes, were taking precautions. They were keeping distance, limiting contact and how much they were going out, and doing many of the same things that we were. However, they were doing it in a much more civilized way. The stores weren’t filled to the brim with people buying up everything in sight, anyone who didn’t need to be out was comfortable at home, and just generally there was more of a peace in the air than what I’ve seen since I’ve gotten back.

It’s so easy when something horrible happens to get frenzied up and start panicking. But panic doesn’t get you far, and can often cause more harm than good. Be safe during this time for sure, but make sure you also keep a calm head and don’t do anything reckless that could endanger others through spreading the infection or preventing others from getting help.

Stay calm, research what you need to do, and just relax.

If the Ontarians (who have plenty more confirmed cases, by the way) can keep it together, so can we.

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