Summer time is officially here and it is time to think about traveling. So where is it that New Yorkers like to go to get away from it all? I came across this survey from Airport Parking Reservations. Here is what they found out when it comes to summer travel trends for residents of the Empire State.

Vacation Frequency

According to the survey, New Yorkers are taking a little over 3 vacations a year. Apparently we prefer beach vacations, with 50% of us seeking the sun-kissed sandy shores. City and adventure trips tie for second at 26% while festivals and all-inclusive vacays coming in at 25%.

Preferred Destinations

So where do New Yorkers go to relax? California came in first with 32% interest, followed by Florida at 31% for travel in the United States. When it came to international trips, Europe was our favorite with 47% showing a desire to visit the continent in 2024.

Spending Habits

The survey found that New York residents will spend around $2375.55 on vacations. Sometimes taking a quality vacation isn't cheap.

Airport Concerns

When it came to airport travel, delays and cancellations caused the biggest stress for us, followed by being late to the airport and an increasing lack of sleep.

Financing Travel

The survey showed that saving up for a vacation is still the way to pay for our getaway. It accounted for 67% of vacation finances with credit cards coming in second with 53%. Travel packages and deals, gifts and bonuses, along with buying now and paying later coming in at 21%, 18%, and 15%.

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Whether it’s hitting the beach, looking for adventure thrill or checking out new cities, it’s no surprise that New York residents love to travel. Looking for some place to go this summer? Check out these Empire State destinations.

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