The one thing we all have in common during the Thanksgiving holiday is getting together feasting on some good food and spending time together, it is truly a time to be thankful.

Another recent survey revealed the five most popular foods, excluding turkey which is obviously the most popular we will feast on this Thanksgiving. They are;

  1. Stuffing
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Dinner rolls
  4. Pumpkin pie
  5. Green beans or green bean casserole

The foods may be familiar but everyone has a different twist on how they serve them and when they decide to start the meal.

Many families like to have dinner late afternoon, some people have to work on Thanksgiving and they would not be able to join their family until later in the day.

Some families have dinner on the Thanksgiving weekend to accommodate others who may not be able to be there on the actual holiday.

We like to eat around 1pm, my wife prepares a lot of things ahead of time, and my big job is to put the bird in the oven, (yes I get the easy job)

I would not like to eat later in the day, and the fact that we host the dinner is even better because I don’t have to go anywhere, which usually means I can have a couple of drinks too.

Do you like your stuffing cooked inside the bird or outside? Do you watch football or Christmas movies on Thanksgiving?

There are many different traditions among Americans, we have a tradition of listening to the meal prayer scene from the movie Talladega Nights, check it out below.



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