Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite dinner of the year. Of course the turkey is the main attraction, but the side dishes are something I look forward to all year as well.

On a normal Thanksgiving, Chris, Ian, and I, and a few times even Ian’s dad, would head to my sister Gert's house which was the house my mother grew up in. On Thanksgiving Day all of my siblings show up with at least one food item. My sisters usually cook at least two, sometimes three turkeys so we have plenty leftover and take home.

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And then there's the stuffing, or some people call it dressing. My mother, God rest her soul, used to make the best stuffing I ever had. But according to my sister who tries to replicate it every year, she can't get the same sausage or croutons my mother used to use. My sister's stuffing is still good, but it's not my mother's.

We also have mashed potatoes with dinner and I usually end up making those. We also have some sweet potatoes that my sister bakes because my wife Chris and a couple of my sisters like them. I find them to be disgusting. We always have two vegetables and my sister Margaret always makes her green bean casserole and Chris makes her awesome halupki. And of course we have three or four kinds of desserts to choose from.

If I had to pick my favorite side dish for Thanksgiving, I would have to go with the stuffing. According to Zippia, mashed potatoes are the most popular side dish for Thanksgiving across the United States. 10 states said that mashed potatoes are their favorite. Stuffing finished in second with eight states claiming that was their favorite, and there was a tie for third most popular with seven states each voting for green bean casserole and macaroni and cheese. I think I only had mac and cheese for Thanksgiving once.

On a state-by-state basis, both New York and Pennsylvania said stuffing was their favorite Thanksgiving side dish. Do you agree with that?

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