I love this time of year because it means that my favorite seasons are on the way. I am a thousand percent in love with fall and winter and I'm mentally checking off the days until September 22 when Autumn will roll in and bring with it all of the things that I adore.

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When we start to see Candy Corn on store shelves, we know that fall is near, and when it comes to Candy Corn, you either love it or you hate it. There truly is no in-between.

Although I love candy corn and although I'm a bit intrigued about how this new variation of it tastes, I'm not exactly sure why Brach's created it. Shutdown boredom, perhaps? If you're into strange candy flavors, here's something new to try, something so strange that it definitely fits in with the strangeness theme of 2020: Turkey Dinner Candy Corn. That's right. Turkey. Dinner. Candy. Corn.

According to People Magazine, each bag of Turkey Dinner Candy Corn has various favorite Thanksgiving Dinner flavors including green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrots, sweet potato pie, and stuffing.

Pupp Reviews got their hands on a bag and gave the following review,

Green Beans (all green): Sweet with that field-fresh after taste. Honestly, kind of enjoyable.

Turkey (Yellow bottom, brown tip): We'd say odd, but that would be forgiving. This flavor is downright wrong to be in candy, but still enjoyed the taboo experience.

Cranberry sauce (all red): Also delicious! Kind of sour-sweet.

Carrot (all orange): Sweet and delicious with a little bit of spice!

Sweet potato pie (white bottom, orange tip): Amazing! Great cinnamon flavor on the after taste.

Stuffing (brown bottom, white tip): Another forbidden fruit like the turkey one.

If you're daring enough to try out this strange candy concoction, they've been spotted on the shelves of Walgreen stores across the country.

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