Did you know that a candy that captured the hearts of candy enthusiasts for generations was born right in Johnson City, New York? It's true!

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Known as BB Bats, these rectangular-shaped taffy lollipops were a loved treat since from their invention in 1924 until their recent discontinuation in 2021.

BB Bats History

The story of BB Bats begins in 1924 when Fair Play Caramels, Inc. invented and patented these mouthwatering taffy lollipops. The company, located in Johnson City also created another similar candy called Kits Taffy. BB Bats soon gained popularity for their large size, delicious flavors, and association with America's favorite pastime: baseball.

Flavors and Packaging

BB Bats were available in four delightful flavors: Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. Each flavor was represented by a distinct color on the packaging, making it easy for candy lovers to choose their favorite. The packaging featured the iconic BB Bats logo and often included depictions of baseball players, further emphasizing the candy's connection to America's favorite summer sport.

Manufacturing and Production

Over the years, the ownership of the BB Bats brand changed hands several times. Gilliam Candy Company purchased the brand in 1990 and produced the candy in Paducah, KY. Subsequently, Sophie Mae and Georgia Nut took over production before Warrell acquired the brand in 2009. Finally, Runk Candy assumed ownership and resumed manufacturing in Cincinnati, OH in 2012 until 2021 when the company decided to end the 97-year run.

Unique Features and Nostalgic Memories

BB Bats stood out due to their distinct shape and the addition of a stick, allowing for a more convenient and enjoyable eating experience. Many people in the Southern Tier still share nostalgic memories of enjoying BB Bats while watching baseball games or as a special treat during their childhood.

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