I woke up this morning with a text from my dad: “Google Stove Top Stuffing Pants.” I was half awake so I dozed back off for a few minutes and contemplated what my father was talking about, I figured he had auto-corrected and meant something completely different. I was wrong.

Stove Top Stuffing has basically won Thanksgiving this year. Not only will they be on almost every single table, they will now be under a whole bunch of tables in the form of pants. Yes. Pants.

In the latest viral marketing campaign from a food company, Stove Top has created their own form of expandable pants. These yoga pant type slack can actually stretch up to two times their original size.

We’ve all been at the table on Thanksgiving just stuffing our faces with no regards, and then it hits you. Your pants are too tight! Well, Stove Top has solved that issue by creating these pants.

It also doesn’t stop there! The pockets also expand to fit your leftovers. So as you are leaving grandma’s house and she throws that last minute ziplock bag of stuffing at you, you can conveniently put them in your expanding pockets.

Not only is this an amazing marketing tactic, but it’s such a useful product. Check out the pants here. There are limited quantities and it will only cost you a few bucks!

[via USA Today]

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