Thanksgiving is going to look a lot different for many in 2020. With gathering restrictions in place in New York, many are just staying home with their immediate family. Traci told me that she plans on spending that afternoon watching movies.

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I asked her what movies she was planning on watching. she didn't know, so I suggested these movies:

Silence of the Yams: You want the kids to be quiet at the table? Threaten them with yams if they're not silent.

The Texas Coleslaw Massacre: The way that my sister, Michell makes coleslaw will kill you.

To Kill a Walking Bird: Thanksgiving isn't complete without this holiday classic. I experienced this as a child when the Walking Birds became headless chickens. One holiday at the farm, my Uncle Russ and Uncle Rodney decided it would be a good time to do exactly that.

They didn't tell us kids what they were going to do so there we stood watching as I heard these immortal words, "Off with their heads" and that's what they did to the chickens.

You've also heard the term, "running like a chicken with its head cut off." Well, it became the "Screaming of the kids as the headless chickens chased us around the farm."

Well, Traci wanted nothing to do with any of these "movies" because she has a five-year-old son that would never sleep. So I suggested these real ones below:

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