It's the beginning of an era for one Binghamton sport and the end of one for another. Thursday was the beginning of the Binghamton Rumble Ponies at NYSEG Stadium. They are doing many exciting things this season and I can't wait.

Today though I'm looking back at 15 wonderful years with the Binghamton Senators. It's awesome seeing former B-Sens players on the ice for Ottawa in the playoffs. While I'm watching the game, I find myself saying "He used to play with the Senators and now look at him."

I'm thrilled that I was able to help the B-Sen's players deliver teddy bears to kids who could use them. One year, Chris Wideman was a part of it and now he's with the big club. This year, Casey Bailey and Chris Rumble had the honors and I had the honor of driving them around.

I'm glad I was here when they won the Calder Cup in 2011. The B-Sens have given me such great memories but the thing that I'm most proud of is that I was able to make these memories with my kids.

My daughter Riley's favorite B-Sen was/is Denis Hamel. Her favorite number was his B-Sen hockey number, 17. She wears that number when she plays volleyball.

I've done Chuck-a-Puck every year with the B-Sens. I remember the first time that Riley went on the ice, she just grabbed my pant leg as I was trying to announce. My wife thought that I wouldn't let her on the ice again.

My daughter Tara took to the ice a little easier. When she was younger, we would practice in the backyard. We would pretend to walk on the ice and we would practice our parts. I would say "Ladies and Gentlemen" and she would say "Chuck Your Pucks."

She still joins me on the ice today and you can see her cheer for every goal that is scored during Chuck-a-Puck. She also loves to dance to Cotton-Eyed Joe when it's played at the Arena.

So to Tom Mitchell, Grady Whittenberg, Rob Lippolis and all the other B-Sens that I've had the honor of being associated with, "THANK YOU." It's been an awesome 15 years and I'm looking forward to what's next.

For one final time, LET'S GO SENS!

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