For many hockey fans in the Southern Tier, the news we feared became a reality. On Monday, January 4th, we got the news that the Binghamton Devils would participate in the upcoming AHL season but they wouldn't be playing any of their games at the Visions Federal Credit Union Veterans Memorial Arena.

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The Devils are one of four teams that won't be playing their games at their home location. The season will begin on February 5th with the schedule and playoff format to be announced soon.

As expected, many of us were disappointed to hear the news and it caused some anxiety for many people in our area. Fans have been asking me why they are doing this and is this the end of professional hockey in Broome County as we know it?

As I've said before, "I'm just the Chuck-a-Puck guy" and I don't know. The good news is we know someone that we can get the answers from, so we reached out to the Executive Vice President of Operations for the Binghamton Devils, Tom Mitchell.

He was kind enough to take some time out of his very busy schedule to chat with us. This is what Tom had to say about the latest developments with the Binghamton Devils. I'm thinking road trip...if they allow any fans at the Syracuse or Wilkes-Barre Scranton games.

We appreciate what Tom had to say and we can't wait to see the Devils in action soon.


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