What a strange, strange year this has been. Had someone told us at the start of 2020 that we'd be faced with a global pandemic, murder hornets, locust, demonstrations, and more and that it would all hit suddenly in the third month of the year, we all would have thought they were off their rocker.

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Life as we know it changed with the snap of a finger and tossed our world into chaos. My heart hurts for those who've struggled through the coronavirus pandemic, and especially much for the kids who weren't able to finish out their senior years, experience prom, or have a proper graduation ceremony.

And we can't forget the kids who weren't able to complete the same rite of passage you and I completed...senior pranks.

I wish I could say that my graduating class pulled off an epic prank, but we didn't. The extent of our "prank" was to meet in the parking lot of the high school at 4:30 in the morning and parade through town, making sure to honk and hoot and holler when we drove by the principal's house.

While my high school prank was tame, these ones weren't so much. As a matter of fact, they failed miserably.

  • 1

    Cups of Water Land Kids in Jail

  • 2

    This Kids, Is Why You Shouldn’t Play With Fireworks

  • 3

    What Exactly Was in Those Balloons?

  • 4

    Crickets Get Seniors Banned From Graduation

  • 5

    When Fun Turns Into a Felony

  • 6

    A Sticky Situation

  • 7

    They Did WHAT in the Hallways?!?

  • 8

    This Prank Led to a $450 Fine

  • 9

    When Riding a Horse Gets You Suspended...

  • 10

    12,000 Balloons

    I felt bad with all of the prank fail videos that I thought I'd leave you with one that actually looks amazing...unless someone has a latex allergy...

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