Traci Taylor in High School
Traci Taylor in High School

I won’t give his name because he’s changed as an adult, but there was a kid in high school who used to bully me because I was well endowed and for some reason he thought that was license to torture me and make me even more self conscious of my body.

Nobody likes when a kid gets away with bullying other kids, but there’s a kindergarten teacher in Texas who went to extremes and not in a responsible way.

The teacher’s solution for a little boy who was bothering other kids was to have the entire class get in line and hit the boy in retaliation for bullying them.

That’s right- this teacher thought the proper response was to bully the bully. Unbelievable.

Obviously, the teacher’s actions didn’t sit well with the school district and now the teacher is on a 30 day work release program though the jail system.  The teacher has also been put on probation and it looks like she might not teach in the school district for at least two years.

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