Bullying is a brig problem for some when they are growing up in those fragile youth years.  I was a victim of bullying and I will never forget the names of the kids that did it to me.  Now some of these "kids" are listeners of mine and some have even requested to be friends on Facebook.

Back then, it was something that was really not talked about or certainly dealt with in Binghamton schools. Today, it has a name, some flashy headlines and there are people that want to do something about it.  The important thing is for kids to let their parents and teachers know so something can be done.

Meet 14 year-old Jack Higgins, a victim of relentless bullying who had a dream of being a professional dancer.  He was able to share these hopes and dreams during an audition for the British reality show 'Britain's Got Talent.'  The result is an emotional ballet routine that even left judge Simon Cowell stunned.  His words of advice were: “You know the one thing bullies don’t like?...They don’t like it when you do well.”  Watch for yourself...

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