I am against bullying. I don’t care what color a person is or what gender they are or what religion they practice or what their sexual preference is. Bullying is not cool with me in any way, shape or form.
And because I hate bullying, I’d like to invite you to join me this Thursday, October 17th as I wear purple on

who sadly, face an extreme amount of bullying from people who don’t care to see the human inside.

Once again, GLAAD is leading outreach to engage the participation of individuals, celebrities, corporations, media outlets, schools, local communities and even national landmarks to wear purple on wear purple on October 17th to show your support for LGBT youth and take a stand against bullying.

Getting involved is as easy as throwing on something purple or changing your profile picture on Facebook to something purple on October 17th to help create a world in which LGBT youth are celebrated and accepted for who they are.

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