Bullying has become such a huge problem for our kids and actress Chase Masterson is on a mission to do something about it. Masterson, best known for playing Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will host an anti-bullying program at Chenango Valley Middle School this Friday, September 23rd.

Masterson has starred in several science fiction movies and television shows and is the co-founder, along with anti- bullying experts Carrie Goldman and Matt Langdon, of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition. The Pop Culture Hero Coalition uses comics, film, and television to create anti-bullying programs.

Friday’s anti-bullying program will be presented to students from five area districts, and Chenango Valley will provide a live stream of the program for any other school districts who would like to watch from 9:30am to 10:30am on Friday, September 23rd.

Masterson will also be on hand for Binghamton's RoberCon on Saturday and Sunday, September 24th and 25th. Masterson will answer questions, sign autographs, and chat about her work as an actress.

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