Your job may come with a lot of responsibilities, and that generally means that it also may come with a lot of stress. Bustle, and and researchers from Syracuse University, has found that taking time off from work is good for your heart.

While not every person can afford to take time off from work because they are self-employed or their employer doesn't offer them paid time off, if you can afford to take the time away from your desk, you should absolutely try to take it.

Taking that time off does not mean that you have to go away to an island somewhere and spend outrageous amounts of money on food and drink to reap the benefits of a vacation from work. Improvement in heart health was seen by people who simply had a "staycation" instead and just relaxed at home.

The researchers at Syracuse University found a significant association between the amount of time that people take off from work and metabolic syndrome. So while it might be tough to look away from your emails for a week this summer, your body will most certainly thank you for doing so.

(via Bustle)

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