Free NY State Tuition Program in Jeopardy
There is another program in jeopardy for New York State college students. This one is for New Yorkers who are able to attend state colleges tuition-free. This program may not be available because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Don’t Buy These Things for Your College Kid
So, I was popping around Consumer Reports over the weekend and found a great article about back to school. If you've got a kid that's heading off to college, there's some stuff that you're gonna need to buy for the dorms like towels, sheets, a microwave, and a coffeemaker so they…
Funny Ways Out of Debt
Student Loan Report asked 500 college grads who owe on loans what they'd do to avoid having to make a payment. The answers are pretty funny.
Lecture-less College
Christine Ortiz, Dean at MIT is creating a new college where students will learn through project-based learning instead of book-based or lecture-based learning.