When it comes to higher education, most people think that attending an Ivy League school is the way to go. However, we are discovering that might not be necessarily true. Did you know that none of the top 5 schools for CEOs are in the Ivy League?

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In a study done by College Rover, LinkedIn was used to take a look at the number of CEOs among the alumni from 100 major U.S. colleges and universities. Among the top 20 colleges with the most CEO alumni, three New York universities got their positions.

The State University of New York claimed the fifth spot, with Cornell University and Columbia University following closely in sixth and twelfth place respectively. New York's achievements in the business world don't stop there.

The Empire State also has three colleges that rank among the top 15 for female CEOs. The State University of New York is the third-highest producer of female CEOs overall. New York University was in the seventh position, with Cornell University ranking ninth.

When comparing New York University and Columbia University, the former has 41% more female CEO alumni than the latter. This shows the importance of recognizing women in leadership positions and showing off the diverse talent pool from New York Universities.

This disperses the myth that only Ivy League schools provide the next generation of business bigwigs. The Ivy League still plays a big part in producing CEOs, with the evidence showing that seven out of the eight Ivy League schools make the top 20 list.

Before we puff our chests out too much, you should know that the Ivy League produces more CEOs than any other major athletic conference, with 3,168 CEOs per 10,000 alumni.

If you're considering your higher education options in New York, remember that success isn't only in the  Ivy League. The State University of New York, Cornell University, and Columbia University have proven they can play with the "big boys," too, and give us powerful CEOs.

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