The forecast for the last few days of summer and the beginning of fall is looking very warm with some sunshine, better late than never, so open up the windows, fire up the grill and enjoy some summer.

This hasn’t been a really warm summer, in fact the words “Hazy Hot and Humid” never came out of my broadcast vocabulary once.

It rained a lot with enough breaks in between to not cause major flooding.

The average temperatures for June (74) July (78) and August (76) were below 80 and we never hit 90 all summer.

My wife and I became pool owners last year and the water was cold even with a solar cover, so this year we invested in a pool heater and that saved our pool season, if you live in upstate new York I think a pool heater is a must, unless you like swimming in 70 degree water.

Summer has been a wash up to this point, and all of a sudden it decides to show up, I’m not complaining but I know a lot of people have used up their vacations and have started to put away their summer toys, so what now?

Its still summer at least for a while, so make the most of it and do some of the things you couldn’t do back in cold raining July.


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