Netflix at $9.99 a month,  Hulu at $11.99 a month, HBO Now for $14.99 because You can't miss Game of Thrones. Cable is like... $250.00 a month now. What to do?

Cut your cords. We've found Kodi! It used to be XBMC, Kodi seems to be an oasis of personally shared content that makes watching TV on your laptop or TV device easy and free!

You have to download it and configure it. It's pretty rough to figure out for the electronics programming novice but,  Kodi has a community site of users can give you tips and tricks in their forums.

Is it illegal? well... no. Not really. There's nothing actually on Kodi. So what the heck is it? Kodi is a media player. Plain and simple. Available in the Google Play store for Android devices and available for iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux! You can install it on your computers, smartphones, and streaming devices. When you install Kodi you will find it null of any content. Here's how it works, a user created an app, you found it, you like it, you install it. you can find recently aired TV shows, sports, live events, podcasts, slideshows, and games.

So peruse through the "Add-ons" tab on the website and you'll see some of the usual programming like on Apple TV or Roku. Like NBC Sports Live, Animal Planet Live, The Chive and YouTube. Now the fun begins. App developers can build and share add-ons without any restrictions. Sharing whatever they want to share. It could be anything. A third-party plug-in could play pirated programming from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu or whatever the developer dropped in there!

Now a word on all the other stuff. Navigating Kodi stinks. I have heard that to install and watch stuff you have to poke through the settings and whatnot. But again, it's free. Kodi is doing everything they can to stop the piracy so this may disappear one day, and you'll only get the real free stuff and some home videos of a crazed man talking politics. For now if you're searching for movies that are still in the theatres you'll probably find a crappy copy that someone recorded on their Handycam in the seats.

For now its all free. Enjoy it while it's here.


[Via: Thrillist]