2021 sure was the year of ups and downs. For a while, the pandemic seemed to be lessening, but as we reached the latter half of the year, things have become worse.

We were blessed with the return of some concerts over the summer, and the return of a few local events like Spiediefest along with a few community and holiday parades. It was nice to get back into a local restaurant for a good meal as well.

Weatherwise, aside from the record snowfall last winter and a large amount of rain we experienced in July, the summer months weren't all that bad. Or was it? I guess it depends on what month we're talking about.

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As we say goodbye to 2021, or should I say good riddance to 2021, I'd like to make a wish list of headlines that I'd love to see in 2022. Sure, some may be a bit silly, and most, if not all will ever happen, it's fun to dream, right?

Okay here goes, and remember, it's just my wish list of headlines to see in the Binghamton area in 2022. Who knows what might come true? Or most likely, not.

2022 Wish List Headlines

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