I have admitted multiple times on 981TheHawk.com and on the air that I may have a slight phone problem. I feel like I am always checking something or just surfing social media. This past weekend I decided to give up a few avenues of social media.

I decided to do this to actually challenge myself AND try and break a habit. I am missing what’s actually around me while my face is buried in Twitter. The challenge is only for a week, and I am already struggling.

Then I read this:

Your smart phone can damage your skin!

The ultraviolet light from your smart phone can actually make your skin develop age spots and lose some of its color!

They do say not to look at your smart phone at night, but now I’m scared to look at it at any point.

I was very discouraged by how much I was struggling to avoid social media, but having bad skin might make it a little bit easier.

Either way, I feel like now that we are into February it is ok to take a reset in our lives, that’s why I have chosen to challenge myself.

That, and the fact I don’t want to look too old so soon!

[via The New York Post]

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