There’s nothing more aggravating than getting those automatic calls, and recently it feels like everyone is getting them. According to NBC 10, On June 6, federal regulators voted on a move by the Federal Communications Commission to allow phone companies to block unwanted “robocalls.” The call-blocking tool is expected to be free, but the agency isn’t requiring phone companies to make the service complimentary. Also, if you don’t want your class blocked, the agency is expected to offer an “opt-out” option.

“Robocalls” have become so common due to cheap software, and Do Not Call lists can’t even save you.

NBC 10 reports that phone scams have cost consumers millions of dollars. The scams have also caused unprecedented disruptions to institutions not only in our local area but also all over the country, where “robocalls” have taken up precious staff time.

So far, phone companies have started implementing a system that is able to recognize fake numbers. There are also call-blocking apps that can identify “robocalls.”

Would you be interested in a service that would stop “robocalls” from overrunning your phone?

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